AFKO Center pivot irrigation systems main pipes:

Mainly, AFKO uses several types of pipes, the ones used inside the pivot are galvanized, plugs for sprinklers with spacing of 113″. they are called main pipes as they are the main component of the pivot system, the main pipe is provided in two main lengths:

  • 5.75m
  • 11.5m

As they are available from various diameters, however our most demanded product among which is the 6” pivot system.


As well as AFKO pivot irrigation systems provides a polylined pipes for salty and sandy water.


Overhang pipe:

as well as the overhang pipe which is usually 6m in length and contains 3 plugs with spacing of 75″ and often are 4” or 5” according to the nature of the pivot and the land as well as the crops we want to grow using that pivot.

Following you can find the type of PVC pipes used to transfer water from its source (well, lake, river …etc) to the pivot.