This system consist of many spans connected to each other by mobile connection, all spans move
and rotate around a fixed center

Every two spans are connected by a multidirectional joint allowing the formation of an angle of up
to 30 degree.

Thus the pivot is suitable for rough terrain
This system irrigates from 1 hacter by one span up to 75 by 8 spans 490 m machine

Center pivot irrigation is an irrigation system has proved itself in this field. This system irrigates at high performance economically with different climate and terrain conditions. Galvanized anti-corrosion coating consisting of high-grade steel construction. This system makes automatic irrigation in a circular motion over a single platform, even on slopes of up to 15%. Center pivot irrigation systems can operate in a performance manner.

90% – 95% an effective irrigation could be obtained during irrigation by center pivot system.

Center pivot machine provides a homogeneous distribution of water in large terrains